Sunday, September 23, 2012

9-23-12: Shades

Remember all those layers. They are layers you are hiding under. They are physical layers. They might be layers of fat, layers of grime, layers of dust, layers of possessions.  Lets start simple. Lets unclutter your home. Let the light in. Stop worshipping objects. Let nature in, breathe fresh air. Open a window.  Did you ever watch HGTV?  I like watching those shows sometimes, but the real estate shopping bores me mostly. I do sometimes enjoy the home makeovers though. One thing I tend not to like are the heavy drapery treatments. I think dust. I think dirt. I think of all the dust those hanging drapes collect and all the light they block out. I look at the layers and layers of fabric people put on their windows and think how much nicer it would be to simply look outside. Well, depending on whether the window is street level, or whether or not you are in the country or in the city, and your budget, there are any number of simpler options than the layers and layers of dirty fabric in your window. And even if you do not like looking out a particular window, you certainly can simplify the window.  Peel back the layers.  A home made shade is a nice touch and you can use any fabric you like.  It is one simple flat layer and because you can use any fabric you like, it does not need a curtain it is a statement in itself.  Directions for this project can be found on any number of websites just type in DIY roller shade. You can use stiffening starch spray or an adhesive iron on stiffening fabric.  If you have a larger budget, buy solar shades. They really let the outdoors in.  That's the idea, let nature inform your surrounds. Let the light in. Remove the layers. That's it, your feeling lighter already.

Hey wait a second you're not done.  Go back to all the windows. Any of them grimy?  Fingerprints?  Take an empty spray bottle. Combine approximately 1 part white vinegar to 8 parts water.  Make it a touch stronger if you like. A drop or two of dishwash soap in there too if you need it.  Spray clean all your dirty windows. Clean with soft rags or paper towels.  Clean it until you can enjoy the view without thinking about the window (how dirty it is). That means you're done. Do it, especially if you tend to sit somewhere and look out at a view. Well worth it. There now we're done.

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