Sunday, September 23, 2012

Introduction to the Clearing Home

I want this blog to be about my space. By my space, I mean my home and garden, but also my interior space as reflected in my home and garden. 

Have you ever read a story about someone who is dying and decides to give away everything before they die?  Well at the risk of sounding cliched we are all dying (we're all living too, so "imagine me sticking my tongue out here). By giving things away, unfortunately, I am not necessarily saying be charitable to anyone. I am saying be charitable to yourself. Clear space in your home to supply yourself with room to breathe. This, although meant figuratively, is literal as well for those of us suffering from asthma or other environmental allergies. For instance, tearing up the rug in your home and replacing it with reclaimed lumber (our current project) completely got rid of my asthma. I still have an inhaler, but I only have used it in the past year if I visited someone with pets, dust, mold etc.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a cat, just can't right now. I'm thinking of getting allergy tested for a dog, but I'm getting off subject. 

Ok this blog is going to be full of short little posts about cleaning up and clearing out things you don't need, setting aside little blocks of time to organize something you've forgotten about, finding space where you thought you had none, doing little things for yourself to make your life easier.  You'll get the hang of it. It's mostly a little system, selfish probably, to help motivate me to implement all these things by writing about them during or afterwards. Not sure why that is motivating to me, but it is. Appeals to my organizational sense perhaps?  I think I'm just really curious where this is going.

I've literally spent the last year hauling stuff to our local Goodwill store. If you do this, I recommend getting receipts from them to deduct donations from your taxes. Remember, do little good things for yourself, this will enable you to help others too down the road.  I sell stuff too on ebay, on amazon, etc, but we'll get to that later. Right now, it's all about clearing space, making room in that overstuffed head of yours, please, let me help you help yourself, help me.

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